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Outreach at Columbia Engineering

Columbia Engineering Outreach Programs aim to provide greater accessibility to academic and professional opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, especially for traditionally underrepresented local stakeholders. Through community engagement, we enhance the quality and reach of learning at all levels. Programs connect local K-12 students and educators with the world-class STEM resources at Columbia Engineering, including on-campus and in-school education and enrichment opportunities.

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Harlem Biospace

Harlem Biospace is a community of biotech innovators and scientifically-minded citizens who will build a frictionless model for turning revolutionary biotech ideas into products that solve real health problems. There is no industry sector more in need of innovation than health and biotech. But unlike software, biotech research requires wet-lab space and expensive equipment. Harlem Biospace aims to reduce the barrier for turning biotech ideas into products and inspire the next generation of talented scientists to work on health technologies.

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HYPOTHEkids Maker Lab

The Hk Maker Lab is an intensive six-week summer program to learn the foundations of design. Focusing on addressing a health problem, participants will design, prototype and test a biomedical device and develop an associated business plan. The program will culminate in a presentation to leading executives from the biomedical community. The Hk Maker Lab projects might then be incubated using the state-of-the-art facilities at Harlem Biospace.

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BioMedX (Bioengineering Technology Accelerator)

The Columbia Biomedical Engineering Technology Accelerator (formerly the Columbia-Coulter Translational Research Partnership) aims to catalyze the advancement of biomedical technologies by providing funding, education, resources and mentorship to teams of clinicians, engineers and scientists working to develop solutions to clinical unmet needs, with the ultimate goal of bringing innovative research out of the lab to benefit society.

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Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

The Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research offers comprehensive support for translational research, biomedical informatics, biostatistics, research design, data management, bioethics, regulatory issues, core facilities, community engagement, education and career development.