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Our Mission

The unifying mission of the Center is to provide a hub for tissue engineering research, translation, collaborative efforts, service and training, dissemination and outreach that would impact the scientific community and the general public. The Center is envisioned to meet the critical needs in this burgeoning field by serving as a place-to-go for the established, junior and aspiring investigator. We will focus on the development, utilization and dissemination of unique technologies that are at the forefront of the field, and on applying these technologies to a broad range of basic, translational and clinical studies. The Center will attempt to balance the development of the new areas with advancing the research and translation in already established areas. Our goal is to offer resources that will be transformative to the field of tissue engineering (by shifting the current paradigms) and its clinical application (by scale up, translation, and entrepreneurship). 

Our Vision

The vision for the Center is to catalyze advances in tissue engineering and foster its integration into a mature and well-rounded scientific field with a strong impact on regenerative medicine and modeling of disease. We propose to achieve this ambitious vision through the operation of three interactive TRDs. TRD1: Adaptive-responsive biomaterials, will focus on biomaterials with adaptive control that can sense, and actuate cells to drive the functional restoration of complex tissue structures, in vitro and in vivo. TRD 2: Imaging enabled bioreactor systems will focus on bioreactors with optical control, sensing, and feedback based cultivation of engineered tissues, with precise spatiotemporal visualization, actuation and validation of biological events. TRD 3: Regenerative engineering will focus on developing a suite of clinical-scale, imaging-enabled bioreactors for regenerative engineering of tissues and whole organs. 

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