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Our Patents

The center's research strives to advance tissue engineering though the use of adaptive biomaterials and imaging-enabled bioreactors. Our work over the years has lead to a number of patented technologies for regenerative engineering, drug testing and disease modelling. If you are interested in our patented technologies click on the lightbulbs for further details.

Smart Micro-bioreactor Platform for High-Throughput Mechanical Stimulation of Cardiac Microtissue

US patent #11,649,424

May 16, 2023

Cell-seeded Porous Lung Hydrogel Sealant Bio-sealant

US patent #11,291,747

April 5, 2022


Engineering Mechanically Functional Human Cartilage and Method of Making Same

US patent # 11,179,498

November 21, 2021

Method of Making a Personalized Bone Graft

US patent #11,464,640

October 11, 2022

Bioreactors for Engineering Tissues

US patent #11,261,413

March 1, 2022

System and Method for High-throughput Assessment of Cellular Cardiotoxicity, Drug screening, and Cardiogenic Factors via On-line Physiological Measurements

US patent #10,488,390

November 26, 2019

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