By Richard Z. Zhuang & Roberta Lock

Explore cutting edge science that we're excited about in the tissue engineering field and learn about some of the concepts that are central to what we do here at the Tissue Engineering Resource Center!


Fake Brain Images Help with Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Article by Kunlun Wang

This data augmentation method generates fake realistic brain MRI images indistinguishable even by expert physicians in hopes to improve physician training and reliability in AI-assisted tumor diagnosis.

Airway-on-a-Chip Helps to Identify Medications, Faster

Article by Maria Hudock

This human airway-on-a-chip responds to invading viruses and to drugs like animals and humans do and can allow us to better predict which drugs can fight new diseases.

Device for Transplanting Therapeutic Human Cells 

Article by Diogo Teles

This implantable and retrievable device for the transplantation of therapeutic cells that can stay viable for up to several months in the body. 

Engineering a Blinking Eye On-a-Chip

Article by Richard Zhuang

Through reverse-engineering, researchers were able to create a model of the human eye surface that allows us to better understand how blinking affects underlying ocular tissue.

Engineering vascularized Bone Marrow "On-a-Chip"

Article by Roberta Lock

Researchers use microfluidic and stem cell technologies to develop a 3D model of the human bone marrow .

3D Printing an Anatomically Correct Human Heart

Article by Roberta Lock

Researchers 3D printed functional heart patches that matched the anatomical, cellular, and biochemical properties of an individual’s heart.