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Camilla Predella

PhD Student

Ped.s Critical Care, Columbia University

About Me

After graduation in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), focusing on prosthesis, during Camilla's Master, her interest evolved from biomaterials to cells and biological tissues, and she became fascinated by lung bioengineering. She joined Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic’s Lab, under Dr. Dorrello, for a thesis project on lung bioengineering in vivo developing new techniques to target and remove specifically the epithelium. She developed a foundation of knowledge in tissue engineering and molecular biology, working both with cell culture and on small animal models in vivo. She is conducting her PhD research in specific targeting of lung alveolar cells for therapeutics and cells therapy in vivo in Dorrello's Lab.


Research Keywords

Lung regeneration, cell therapy, alveolar type II cell

Fun Fact About Me


I am very much a cat lady!
After I adopted 2 cats, I am also fostering a cat captured from my garden and trying to domesticate her.


Achievements of Interest

This year we were able to filed a patent on "in vivo regional lung de-epithelialization", one of the two techniques I am currently working on.

Camilla Predella

Country of Origin

Mantova, Italy


Contact Me


Contact Interests

Startup Engagement, Industry Events

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