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Emily Day

Masters Student

Biomedical Engineering, Tufts Univeristy

About Me

My name is Emily Day and I am from small town New Hampshire. Many engineers today have had the dream to pursue engineering since they were kids. Ironically, I never really had the dream to be an engineer when I was a kid, I was more so interested in the idea of just helping people. So, I began to think about medical school. It actually wasn't until one of my teachers in high school told me that I shouldn't pursue a degree relating to science and math because I "wasn't good at it" that I became interested in science. Its possible that this interest was the product of spite, but I actually became very curious about the world of science in medicine and wanted to learn more. Fast forward seven years later and here I am, pursuing a masters, and potentially PhD in biomedical engineering, a cross-section between engineering and medicine. Because of this negative experience I had at a young age, my goal is to connect with the younger generations and encourage them to chase their passions despite what other people say.


Research Keywords

Biomaterials, scaffolds, hard materials, thermoplastics, silks

Fun Fact About Me


I love to meet new people as well as cook. Its a weird combination of items but I grew up working in my family diner, so I assume thats where it stems from.


Achievements of Interest

Nick Donofrio STEM Award, UVM CEMS Deans Fund

Emily Day

Country of Origin

Sanbornton, NH USA


Contact Me

Email: LinkedIn: emilyday364


Contact Interests

Mentorship, Academic Collaborations, Co-Founding Ventures, Startup Engagement, Community Outreach, Public Press, Guest Speaker, Coffee Chat, Industry Events

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