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Leah Andrews

Masters Student

Columbia University

About Me

I am a current Biomedical Engineering Masters student at Columbia University. I recently graduated with my BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of South Carolina. Previously, I completed an REU under Dr. Ying Wang at Binghamton University where I worked to create a multi-organ microfluidic platform for breast cancer metastasis modeling.I am is excited to utilize my past research experiences and contribute to the GVN lab as a member of the organ on chip team.


Research Keywords

I am interested in using tissue engineering, organ-on-chips, and stem cell models to understand developmental biology and apply this information to transplant and regenerative medicine.

Fun Fact About Me


Outside the lab, I enjoy spending time with my dog, distance running, good coffee, attending art exhibits, and exploring my new home in NYC.


Achievements of Interest

I graduated magna cum laude with leadership distinction in research and received the outstanding senior award from the University of South Carolina.

Leah Andrews

Country of Origin

Sleepy Hollow, NY, USA


Contact Me

Email: LinkedIn: leahchristineandrews


Contact Interests

Mentorship, Startup Advising, Academic Collaborations, Co-Founding Ventures, Startup Engagement, Community Outreach, Public Press, Guest Speaker, Coffee Chat, Industry Events

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