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Explore cutting edge science that we're excited about in the tissue engineering field and learn about the concepts that are central to what we do here at the Tissue Engineering Resource Center!

About TERC

The Tissue Engineering Resource Center serves as a place-to-go for established, junior, and aspiring investigators and trainees for bioreactors, software, materials, and protocols for tissue engineering research. Our focus is to develop, utilize, and disseminate unique tissue engineering technologies, while also applying these technologies to a broad range of basic, translational, and clinical tissue engineering research. Our ambition is to offer resources that would impact the scientific community and the general public that will be transformative to tissue engineering science and its translation into medical applications.

Tissue Engineering Resources

Science Lab

For Researchers

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

For Educators

Image by Dan Dimmock

For Students


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